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Trading Mojo is becoming quite popular these days, helping manual traders to convert their trading system to a more automated and standardised trading system via Trading Mojo trading tools and techniques.

We have a state of the art Trading Mojo CUSTOMISATION LAB, where we help traders, Institutional traders, proprietary trading firms, HEDGE Funds, Foreign institutional investors to get the trading logic converted to a machine system via proper backtesting and counselling for strategy optimisation.

  • Ideation- Understanding strategy logic
  • Strategy building- Coding the strategy with slippage and Transaction cost factor.
  • Back Testing: Intraday, daily, weekly backtesting.
  • Optimising- Fine tuning parameters to get the best Risk:reward and ROI
  • Consulting: Whether strategy will make money, slippages, behaviour in Gaps etc
  • Handover/LIVE Trading: Hand over of complete back tested results to clients or getting him onboard for trading
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